Swamped Chapter 137 Page 11

“Blinding Light!”

A flash of light surrounds you, and the two guards fumble around, unable to see you. “Kitty” also seems dazed, but she’s much more composed.

“You’ve got guts to pull a stunt like that,” she says, pulling a crossbow out of her coat. “But I already spotted your friend on the ground. You’ve got until the count of three to give yourself up before she pays the price.”

She’s not wasting time. And you don’t think you can get to Marian that fast.

But you’ve got other options. You grab a mana root off the wheelbarrow.


Then you fling it at her as hard as you can.

“Two,” she says, a moment before it hits her in the face. But she seems unfazed, and immediately fires.

“Well, if you’re causing trouble, there’s no sense in waiting,” she says, grinning.

But the bolt is just hovering in midair, just inches from Marian’s head. She must have recovered enough to protect herself. Not that Kitty’s caught on.

You dump the wheelbarrow out, and slip past the guards, who are still stumbling around. Then you pick Marian up and load her in, wheeling her away as fast as you can.

Except you haven’t quite figured out where you’re going. You want to end up at the theater, but it’s not as if you’ll be able to do much there with Marian unconscious. You need to find a safe place to let her recover.

And fast. The blindness will only last a few minutes. So you want to be well out of sight by then.

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