Swamped Chapter 137 Page 9

“Where in the hells is Kitty?” one of them mutters. “With all the racket going on, I don’t think we can go all night without being spotted. And she’s the only one who knows where to take this stuff.”

“Oh, she’s always late. Likes to make it clear who’s in charge,” the other says. “I’ve worked with her way longer than you have, and she’s always running off doing whatever she pleases.”

“And she doesn’t get punished?” the first figure asks incredulously.

“Not seriously. Because she never outright walks on a job. Plus she usually does something like bringing in a new recruit while she’s stalling, which just makes her look extra good. The higher-ups ain’t watchin’ closely enough to care what happens so long as she gets the work done.”

Hmm. There’s so much going on tonight that you can’t tell who these people are working for. They’re probably with the Guild, but with all the factions going at each other, that barely tells you a thing.

You might be able to say more if you knew what the plants in the wheelbarrow were…

“Mana roots,” Marian whispers. You glance down and she’s still unconscious. This is no way to hold a conversation.

But if they are mana roots, as she said… well, Grandmother told you something interesting about them. Something you might just be able to make use of here.

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