Swamped Chapter 137 Page 8

Your biggest problem right now is moving Marian around. The easiest solution to that is a wheelbarrow, so you should head for the closest place that has one.

Patterson’s definitely does, but with all that’s been going on there tonight, someone might have grabbed it or wrecked it or cast a spell on it or something. Plus, it’s a little out of the way. Is there anywhere else nearby…

Right, there’s a small grocery. Not especially well-stocked, but Patterson goes there often because it’s cheap and close by to boot. You know they’ve got one. Usually full when you’ve passed by, but that’s easy enough to take care of.

You pick up Marian and start running that way. She’s getting heavier, but still not quite as heavy as you’d expect. You gain some distance, and there’s no signs anyone’s seen you; most importantly, you don’t see the beast. Which would have a rather hard time hiding.

You head to the grocery, and discover a small problem with your plan. The wheelbarrow’s full, as you expected, but what it’s filled with are plants you don’t recognize. More importantly, there’s two people standing near it who definitely don’t look like grocers.

Luckily, they seem to be in the middle of a conversation, and not looking too closely at their surroundings. You hide as best you can, and listen in. Maybe they’ll let something slip that will help you talk your way past.

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  1. “Kitty should be here by now to get these positioned for the ceremony. What could be delaying her?”

    “You know Kitty. She’s probably trying to recruit a street urchin to the cause.”

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