Swamped Chapter 137 Page 5

The motions of the aura look a little like whipping. Maybe they’re trying to round the beasts up.

Well, whatever their goal, one of the beasts is reacting. It’s moving closer to the human aura, which is backing up now. But the other beast still seems fixated on the bin.

“Suppose one’s better than nothing. Maybe we’ll need a net for the other,” you hear someone grumble.

“Nah. We only need one,” says another voice, and you find that very strange because you can’t see another aura nearby. “It’ll just be another distraction to those fools, and it’s safer if they don’t get in our way.”

“Assuming they find it,” the first voice says, sounding even more annoyed. “What if it wanders off and causes trouble for us?”

“Well, the sooner you get that muckbeast to the site, the less chance there is of anyone interfering. So quit bellyaching and get moving.”

“You’re talking as though I’ve secured it. All I’ve done so far is get its attention.”

You can’t make sense of this conversation at all, but you’re also concerned because one muckbeast is prodding at the box quite aggressively. And you don’t know what happens if these strangers notice you – especially the one you can’t detect.

You consider making a run for it – but there’s no way you could carry Marian if you did, and you don’t intend to abandon her. So your options for what to do about this are very limited.

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