Swamped Chapter 137 Page 4

You’ve done enough shows at Patterson’s that you know this part of town decently well. There’s a butcher shop that closed down about a year ago and never got a new owner; it has an extra-large trash box that’s gone unused the whole time. It was cleaned out thoroughly because nobody wanted the lingering stench of rotting meat, and should be big enough to hide both of you in.

You run over. The muckbeasts are still following, but you don’t see them when you duck into the alley. You feel Marian getting a little heavier; best to do this quick, then. You drag her over to the trash box and open it up, then carefully put her in.

You hear the beasts making noise. So you’re quite a bit less careful when you get in yourself, only making sure you don’t kick Marian. Then you shut the lid.

A few minutes later, you hear a lot of noises outside, and even some banging on the side of the trash box. Closing your eyes makes it clear it’s the beasts. One is very close by, the other just seems to be aimlessly wandering back and forth.

Well, that’s marvelous. You seem to have gotten yourself stuck now. Maybe a direct confrontation would be better…

Wait. There’s another aura now. Looks human. And the way the aura’s moving gives you some idea of just what they’re doing here.

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