Swamped Chapter 137 Page 2

“Theater,” Marian mutters. Then she goes silent again.

Right, you still have business there. It’s not close, but if she’s able to talk, hopefully she’s not that far off from regaining consciousness. And if not… well, you’re fairly sure Patterson’s bar had a wheelbarrow.

So you start slipping around the hospital. As you do, you catch a glimpse of a familiar purple uniform some distance behind the muckbeasts. Crow must have made his way here.

It might be useful to make contact – maybe there’s something you can work out if you put your heads together. But you don’t know that you have time right now.

Well. You’ve got a notebook somewhere in your pockets. Maybe you can leave him a message… it would take too long to explain what happened, so maybe you’ll just tell him you’ll be at the old theater.

Question is, where can you put the note so you’ll be sure he finds it, and how can you make sure he knows it’s from you?

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  1. There’s a rough piece of limestone masonry on the ground. Shove the note in the crack it left behind, asking him to meet you at the theater, and use the limestone chunk to draw a crow over the crack.

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