Swamped Chapter 136 Page 31

The large aura seems to have been replaced by a lot of smaller auras. Some, no doubt, are the ship’s crew, but there are auras above the ship as well, and in the waters.

Sea creatures and birds, perhaps? Either way, there’s a lot of them. Something to ask the crew about, perhaps. Assuming it’s safe to get close.

The ship does seem to be moving in to dock. You suppose it’s worth making contact, at least, even if that means you’ll have to delay checking the theater…

But before you can finish that thought, you hear a noise. You all turn to see several muckbeasts running your way.

“Maybe the egg’s theirs?” Arlene asks.

“It’s too big,” says Drip. “I think it’s a swamp beast egg. Still, there might well be a connection.”

“Connection or not, we can’t just wait here for them to stampede all over us,” you say. “We’re going to need to make a move.”

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