Swamped Chapter 136 Page 26

The first thought you have is testing how strong the influence is. If you do something that annoys her, will she react or will her own thoughts be suppressed?

And the easiest way to get on her nerves is to take her mask off. So you reach into the net and pull her mask off. With a little effort, you get it out through one of the holes.

“Mine,” she mutters. She seems to be struggling to say it. So the influence is strong, but not absolute.

“I’ll give it back if you do me a little favor,” you say. Then you point at the strange aura. “Can you tell me what you see there?”

“Egg,” Arlene groans. “Give it! Give it!”

She really likes the mask. And her aura seems a bit clearer. But you aren’t sure this alone will let her fight it off.

So maybe you need to give her a little more incentive.

“Go ahead and get it,” you say, flinging the mask at the object. Then you let her out of the net, with Drip grabbing her sword before she’s fully out.

She seems confused. She swings her arms at you, but walks slowly towards the “egg”. You find yourself moving a little bit closer, just to keep her from losing too much ground when the influence gets stronger.

But then you start feeling the pain. She starts making sudden movements back and forth, more or less staying in place.

It’s dangerous for you to get closer, but the influence seems to be making her try to attack you. If you could just get her a bit closer to the “egg”, maybe she could reach it when she goes for her mask. Then again, maybe she’ll just grab the mask and that will break the internal conflict.

Well. You don’t have a better idea at this point, may as well take the chance. Now, if you could just figure out a good way to knock her back without getting too close yourself.

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