Swamped Chapter 136 Page 18

Arlene and Drip are waiting at the shore. There’s a blank look in the priest’s eyes – hard to tell with Arlene, though, since she has the mask on.

But there’s also very clearly something wrong with their auras. Something is… well, for lack of a better word, distorting them. They may well be hostile.

They don’t seem inclined to advance, though. Are they trying to avoid the water for some reason?

Well, the first explanation you think of is that they don’t want to deal with whatever’s been attacking your air bubble. Though you suppose they might also be waiting to see if it takes care of you.

But it does raise a possibility you hadn’t thought of before. Marian said something had seized their minds, and you suspect this slime is involved in that. So what could it mean if these things in the water were sent by a separate force?

You hear a splash behind you. You’re not sure you really have time to puzzle that out. You can either stand your ground, or run for the shore where a different kind of trouble awaits. And if you don’t make your choice fast, it’ll be made for you.

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