Swamped Chapter 136 Page 2

You see strange lights. They remind you of flame, but you don’t see smoke.

Then you get an uncomfortable idea, and close your eyes.

You still see the lights. It’s an aura of some sort. And it’s huge…

About the size of a ship, you’d say. Does the Golem itself have an aura? You didn’t see it out in the distance, but you’ve never really tried to look that far for auras before.

If that’s all it is, though, it’s probably nothing to worry about. As a priest, Drip probably has some idea whether that’s the case, so you turn to him.

“Do you see anything unusual?” you ask.

But he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t even look at you, and just starts rushing for the harbor. Well, damn, now you’ve got to have a look anyhow. You turn back…

But, as Arlene rushes past you, Marian grabs your shoulder.

“This is a very bad idea,” she says.

“Quite possibly, but those two are already doing it. And I’m going to help them out unless you give me one hell of a good reason why I shouldn’t.” You glare at her quite pointedly.

She sighs deeply, and reluctantly answers.

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