Swamped Chapter 136 Page 1

“I’m not sure we have the time,” you say carefully. “The priests on the Golem will know something’s up when there’s no one at port, so is it really that urgent?”

“We should at least confirm there really is no one at port,” Drip replies. “Specifically, that the kidnappers are not lying in wait.”

He’s got a good point there. On the other hand…

“If they were lying in wait, then it’s pretty weird they didn’t bother to stop us from investigating. Unless you think they only got their ambush together in the last few minutes.”

“I believe that to be possible,” is all he replies. Given he’s a priest, though, it might not just be his belief.

“You know, if we go there, maybe we can get some of the priests to help us check out the theater,” Arlene says. “I mean, the missing priests could be there for all we know.”

Well, you do suspect a trap. More help could be good. Marian doesn’t seem too keen on the idea, but she’s not actively protesting.

So maybe another question will be more helpful.

“Why do you think we should all go, instead of splitting up? Marian and I could check the theater, and you and Arlene could warn the priests.”

“Because you have sacred artifacts,” Drip replies. “And I think it best you hold onto them. But they would help to persuade the priests on the Golem that divine forces are at work here. Furthermore, if there is trouble, it would be best that there be as many of us as possible.”

The way he’s talking makes you think Nual is guiding his thoughts a little.

“Tell you what. We’ll get close enough to the docks to see if anything’s odd, okay? But then we’ll head to the theater if we don’t spot anything.”

“That seems fair,” he replies. Damn it. You get the distinct sense he thinks you will spot something.

Marian still seems annoyed, but not enough to actually speak up. Well, the harbor’s within sight, so it shouldn’t take you that long if nothing goes wrong… and if something does go wrong, well, it’s probably something you’d have to deal with anyways.

You leave the graveyard, and make your way towards the harbor. And just as you get close enough to see the ships, something catches your eye.

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