Swamped Chapter 135 Page 17

“No, I’m not. Why, is it a Kandrian name?” you reply innocently.

“Not specifically, no. But there are some Longs in Kandria. Not relatives of yours, then?” he asks.

“Not so far as I know. And I’m not familiar with the Pledge, either.”

It might be reading itself into your head at the moment, but you’re definitely not familiar with it.

I stand within this hallowed hall,

And pledge to give this fight my all.

Through thick and thin, through muck and moss,

I will not falter in the face of loss.

Through muck and moss, through thick and thin,

I’m in this fight until we win.

The water may be cruel and the beasts may be harsh,

But I vow to help us claim the Marsh.

He’s surprised, but he doesn’t let it throw him off.

“I see,” he replies calmly. “Rest well.”

You get the distinct impression he intends to pay you a visit. You hope you’re ready for that. But at the moment, you’re not up for much more than a nap.

“I think it would be best to greet the Golem before we investigate the theater,” Drip says calmly. “All of us.”

Marian’s looking skeptical, but she doesn’t say anything. Arlene just shrugs. She doesn’t seem to care where you go – probably just along for the ride.

Which means it’s up to you to make the decision, you suppose. And probably to make the case to whoever would prefer the other option.

Well then, Minnie. How are you going to handle this one?

1 thought on “Swamped Chapter 135 Page 17”

  1. What if the theater lead goes cold in the meantime? And what if the Golem turns out to be an ambush?

    Maybe if Drip can put forth a convincing argument for how the Golem can greeted safely without burning too much time, you could be swayed to agree with him.

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