Swamped Chapter 135 Page 8

Well. You had to deal with a burst pump on the ship – and not that long ago from your perspective. Your magic was needed to reach it, but Resk also had to explain a lot of details so you could fix it properly.

Of course, you’re on land now. But maybe some of the knowledge still applies. So you open the doors and head in.

“Actually, I might be able to help. I know a little about handling leaks… on a ship, mind, so I expect some things will be different. But it can’t hurt if I have a look, right?”

Burgundy glances at you, fills up another bucket, and frowns.

“I suppose it doesn’t matter so long as you stay out of the way.”

The other knight – Brian, probably – follows him silently. You can tell he’s not very happy right now.

Well, might as well see if there’s anything you can work out. The obvious source is the shower, so you take a look inside.

The shower head isn’t leaking – rather, the source seems to be the drain backing up. They’ve connected a tube to the drain and the other end of it goes to a large washtub, which is nearly half-full.

You’re a bit surprised. Could this much water really come from the drain backing up? You can’t help but feel that if it were, the washtub would be filling much faster.

So maybe someone magically produced a lot of water for some reason and sabotaged the drain to make it look natural. A quick check for ether should help you figure that out.

And when you check, you notice something very unexpected.

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