Swamped Chapter 135 Page 1

“Looks like they’re headed in the direction of the hospital,” you say.

“Or the docks,” Long interjects. “Not far off from there, after all.”

Hmm. He sounds more sure of himself. And he’s got a muckbeast of his own, so maybe he knows something you don’t.

“Well, even if they just go by, the shaking might disturb the patients. And let me tell you, that bunch has had a rough enough night already,” you say. “I think it’s best we go after them.”

You’re John the wizard again.

And you finally feel like you’re in the present. As best as you can tell, something about the sea terror toxin agitated the time ether around you. You’re not sure how long this relative calm is going to last, so you’d best make the most of it.

You’ve had to shut out almost all the knowledge of the future you gained just because it gives you a severe headache. But you did manage to remember one very important thing that you need to take care of.

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