This is a blog for improvisational longform fiction, also known as “adventures”.

What that basically means is that I will be making posts with a story in them, and then people can make suggestions in the comments. Then, at some later point, I’ll write another post which will attempt to incorporate those suggestions somehow.

Comments are set up to require approval for the first comment, then approve automatically if a user has an approved comment already. I know of one user whose comments keep getting caught in the queue, though, so it’s possible this might happen to somebody else. That said, this shouldn’t be a big deal, as I’ll be checking for comments on a daily basis.

Swamped will update every day until I declare it finished. Other adventures will update on a “when-I-feel-like-it” basis.

Right now, I’m copying Swamped updates from the blog into the archives after I finish the next update. I will make archives for other adventures I start here after I get to five updates, and update the archives on the same basis.

I will also use this blog to announce other projects I take on, whatever those may be.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy hanging around here.

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